Friday, 24 October 2014

Calm the f#*k down

Ok, something has seriously pissed me off so much that it has made me decide to get on my soapbox for a moment (or 2). People need to seriously calm the fuck down! Yep I swore. I swear a lot away from the computer. So do a lot of people. Do you know what? Who cares? Why is it that every body HAS to have an opinion on what everyone else is doing? Who cares if someone shares a photo of themselves on Instagram wearing clothes that you personaly wouldn't wear? Yes you, lady who told me a few months back that my jeans were "fugly". Do you know how pissed off I was when you wouldn't even let me respond to your comment because you then unfollowed me & blocked me! Do you know what? I now wear those jeans with pride! I love them! I love them so much. Those jeans that were so insulting to you. I hope one day you might come across me in real life in see the smile on my face when I wear those jeans that I love so much. Just wondering, does me wearing those jeans really impact on your life so much that you just had to say they were "fugly"? For those who don't know fugly stands for fucking ugly. Yep, such a lovely thing to say about the clothes of a person that she has never even met. Those jeans made me feel awesome as they were the first jeans in years that fitted me the way I like. They covered my rather rounded arse & they were not suck me in skinny. There wasn't even a muffin top in sight! Seriously, I fucking love those jeans! I actually feel that those jeans support me more than that woman ever did.

To the people who who think that their opinions matter so much that they take time out of their super important lives to thrust their opinions onto others, just calm the fuck down! 
Who cares what someone else does? Not me.
Who cares what someone else wears? Not me.
Who cares what someone else lets their kids do?  Not me.
Who cares what someone else eats? Not me.
Who cares what someone else thinks? Not me.
Who cares if someone else does something that does not involve you? Not me.
Who cares if a celebrity has plastic surgery? Not me.
Who cares? Not me. 

Look, I think the whole world would be a much nicer place if people spent more time worrying about being a good person, helping others, learning about others & if people would learn to empathise with other people. How much nicer would it be to make someone smile instead of tearing someone down. We all have shit going on in our lives. I would much rather say something nice to someone to make their day happier than say something that would hurt someone even if only for a second. Seriously, before anyone types, says or writes something about someone else.........remember to calm the fuck down! 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The good, the bad and the downright shitty

This last week or so has been completely shitty. So damn shitty. I had hopes that my return to blogging would be full of creative posts, posts that made people smile & posts that made me feel like a god damn superwoman. That did not happen. Why? Because life has been shitty. So I am keeping it real. My life is not all about being perfect, although how great would that be? My life is the good, the bad & the down right shitty. This last week has seen my creative levels plummet to an all time low. We have had an eclectic mix of shittiness. Skin cancer for the husband, neighbours who only purpose it is in life to cause drama, relatives who decide to only enter your life when they have no one else to listen to their bullshit & then add to that the all important shittiness of way too many bills. Yes, I have used the word shit a lot. So I thought that I would just let you know that if you too are having a shitty week, it is ok because I am too! So here is a flower to let us all know that some days are shit but some days are bright & beautiful too.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Hello sunshine!

Hello there!
It has been a long time since I sat down to type a blog post. So much has been happening around here. Life certainly did not stop when I stopped blogging. Where do I start? Hmm, well let's just rip off the bandaid and start with the fact that the eldest daughter is now working part time! How the hell did THAT happen?? Seriously, it feels like just yesterday she was running around in nappies! She has seriously made my heart burst with pride every time I see her in her uniform. She absolutely LOVES her job. I love that she is working at the exact same pizza shop that I had my first part time job at! It feels like it was meant to be.
The youngest teenager has decided to change sports, change her mind on what she wants to be when she leaves school & changes her clothes every 2 seconds! 13 years old. Yep, it's the age when you are finding your place in the world & enjoying every single moment. She is so completely funny and has become the most quick witted person I have ever met. The things she says are instant & have us in fits of laughter.
We have a new puppy! Gracie is a rescue dog. She is the most perfect bundle of happiness. She was made just for us I think. She is completely in love with our Molly dog and they have become the best of mates. She has given Molly a new lease on life.

Oh & let me tell you that we have had THAT holiday that somehow changes you forever! We loaded up the 4wd and headed off to Stradbroke Island. It was perfect! We stayed in a little water front cottage and had a holiday that we could have only ever imagined in our dreams. We had just 20 steps from the back door to the waters edge. Every single night the local dolphins would spend hours playing right where we were. It was like magic! They were incredibly playful, cheeky and just amazing to watch. Mothers with their babies, teenagers chasing each other and the older dolphins keeping watch over them all. There was at least 10 dolphins that would keep us entertained. It was 5 days that we will remember for the rest of our lives. We spent so much time together & I think it really brought us together. We hiked, swam, kayaked, went sightseeing and relaxed.

Over the past few months I have sewn more than ever! I have been sewing for myself. Zippy tops, wiksten tanks & I have made a few bags as well. I have taught myself how to sew with leather and I made myself the most delicious red leather tote bag that I use very day. I have never loved a bag more than this simple red tote. I have a gorgeous piece of yellow leather ready for my next project. I just have to figure out what that project will be! {I will share some photo’s of my red tote soon}

I have been spending a lot of time in the garden now that spring has arrived. I have had all of my roses that the girls & hubby got for Mother's Day, come into bloom and they are spectacular! Each time I fill a jar with roses from the garden, it brings a smile & a feeling of love. To know that they bought them for me makes them even more special. The frangipani trees that I have grown from cuttings a few years back, are now starting to fill with leaves and I can't wait for the first bloom of flowers in summer.
I am still trying to live a sweet & simple life. Some days it is hard & some days it just seems to be a breeze. I unfortunately rolled my ankle twice in 3 weeks so my fitness has suffered. I am still supposed to be off my feet but we all know that as women & mothers, that was never going to happen. It is also the reason why I rolled it for the second time! I am hoping to be back swimming in 4 weeks time, fingers crossed. I had gotten to the point in my fitness journey where I was running on the treadmill every day & then I actually rolled my ankle the first time walking down the back step to get to the treadmill! I hope to one day get back to running because I couldn't believe how much I loved it! I have never been a runner, not even when I was a kid. So one day while I was walking on the treadmill & an awesome song came on, something came over me. I pumped up the speed and took off! It was liberating! Even though I could feel my big butt jiggling as I ran, I just kept going! Even thinking about running is getting my heart racing. {sigh} I can't wait to get back on the treadmill.
So, that's the last few months in a few paragraphs. I want to say thank you to all of you who have stuck around & still been chatting with me on the Facebook page. I honestly thought that I may never blog again at one stage. I had lost my blogging mojo completely. I think that I had started to doubt myself and my ability to share my life here on my little blog. But I feel as though I am back on the blogging train. I may not blog every day but I know that you will be here when I do. I feel like the sunshine has re-energised my soul & I have come out of my winter hibernation.
Hello sunshine!