Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The pavlova that rocked my world and changed my life!

On the Easter long weekend, I made a pavlova that rocked my world and changed my life for ever! So much so that I even made another one the very next day! We had a BBQ at a friends house to go to and a basket full of fresh eggs from our chooks. So I wanted to make a pavlova to take with us. I decided that I would try something different to my normal pav & I made this one using a spring form cake tin.

IMG_2979 (800x533)

Yes, yes I did! I know that may be breaking some sort of “pavlova making rule” but I kid you not, it was the best pavlova I have ever made, eaten and shared! This pavlova rocked my world and rocked the world of everyone at the BBQ! Which is saying a lot because half of the people were Aussies (like me) and the other half were from New Zealand! Yes, I had the New Zealanders praising my Aussie pav!! If you know the history of the origins of pavlova you will know that both countries say that they are the “owners” of the pavlova. Well, this time it was little old me that owned the pav!

IMG_3009 (800x533)

This pav was so crisp on the outside but it was only a thin layer of crispness and the inside was just like a marshmallow!!

IMG_3029 (800x533)

This is actually a photo of the second pav that I made as unfortunately I had one to many vodkas at the BBQ and forgot to to take a photo of that one. I had to even hand over the pav decorating duties to my husband & his friend because at some point, I should not have been allowed in someone else's kitchen! Please note that I do not drink very often & this was one of those times when I may have had my yearly quota in one night. Back to the story, they topped it with a mass of whipped cream and passion fruit straight from our vine at home. It was amazing and there was not one piece left over.

The next day was my spunky husbands birthday and he requested that instead of a birthday cake, he wanted anther pavlova! Yep, so god that it has now replaced the birthday cake in our house. I dare you to try your next pavlova in a spring form tin. It will rock your world and change your life forever! Never again will I draw a circle on the baking paper & pile the pav mix up high & hope for the best. From now on I will use a spring form cake tin & know that every single time I make a pav, it will turn out perfect!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

And we return to normal programming.

The school holidays are finished! As much as I love a break from the normal routine, I also feel comfortable with that routine returning. Easter has been and gone so the decorations get packed away for next year.

IMG_3087 (800x533)

Molly dog resumes the position of the TV guard dog.

IMG_3105 (800x533)

The chooks seem to settle back down after having 2 weeks of people interrupting their daily routine in the back yard.

IMG_3032 (800x533)

But there is a little sadness from my favourite silkies. One of them is broody. She is not leaving the nest at all.

IMG_3066 (800x533)

Which leaves her sister and partner in crime to waddle alone, calling out to her soul sister.

IMG_3060 (800x533)

And I get to take a moment to look up at the sky and enjoy the beautiful peace and quiet that has been missing for the last 2 weeks!

IMG_3082 (800x533)

Monday, 21 April 2014

Stills. A weekly collection of life.

IMG_2514 (800x533)

006 (800x533)

028 (800x533)

IMG_2448 (800x533)

IMG_2509 (800x533)

IMG_2950 (800x533)

IMG_2999 (533x800)

IMG_3005 (800x533) (2)

IMG_2542 (800x533)

1. A gift for our neighbour. Decorated eggs fresh from our chooks. They are the real Easter eggs.

2. My first weaving is finished! I made the loom myself (with help from hubby). It is my newest art work and I am completely in love with it.

3. I have found my love of baking once again. I have been experimenting with flavours & trying new recipes quite a lot.

4. Miss Ruby chook. She is the funniest chook and often we will find her on the trampoline with her wings flapping. I always find myself singing, “I believe I can fly” every time I see her doing this!

5. There is something calming about watching the local birds sitting on the electricity lines.

6. The little hands of the youngest teenager have been so busy of late. She has taken a liking to making things and this was her working on a project for me. My hubby is teaching her how to use all the tools.

7. Those little hands have even been helping a lot in the kitchen. Today she helped to make the fresh lasagne sheets for her Dad’s birthday dinner. The eldest teen is in the background working on her loom bands.

8. Fresh lasagne sheets are just the best! Made with fresh yolks from our chooks. I have started making them with wholemeal flour and I am so glad have made the switch from white flour.

9. Another cracker of a sunset.

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