Friday, 23 January 2015

Facebook Free February

Yep, you read that right! Facebook Free February. It's happening! I am going Facebook free for the whole month of February. My kids think I have gone completely bonkers & maybe I have. FROM TOO MUCH FACEBOOK!! I have been seriously contemplating this for several months. I just know that I waste way too much time checking to see what other people are doing. Stupid because I could be spending time doing things myself. But I haven't been. I feel like I have let so many things slip. I have let the importants things in life slip to the side. Spending time talking, laughing & learning things with my teenage daughters would be so much more beneficial than reading about people who I probably wouldn't even spend time with in real life. I want to be free!!!! 

I am now going to visit my friends if I want to talk. I want my friends to visit me if they want to talk!! Life is always better with a friend or 3 by your side. I want to be more creative. I want to stop looking at what other people are making & cooking and do more of it myself. I want to read more books instead of reading about this weeks top 10 super foods that might cure cancer, diabetes, obesity but might not do anything other than satisfy hunger for 20 minutes! I want to get a book on Buddhism & learn how to live in a more peaceful mindset. I want to spend time looking up at the sky at night and counting the stars. I want to look at the world around me & see the beauty. I want to spend more time practicing yoga. I want to spend more time sitting in the garden writing long letters to my pen pals.  I want to do the simple things again. 

I see so many negative things on Facebook that should not be taking up any of my valuable time. Things that I would not want to hear about or talk about in real life. My life would be so much better off if my time was spent doing things that made me happy. 

I will still be blogging & who knows, maybe I might even have more time for blogging! I will still be reading all of my favourite blogs. I will still be pinning all those things on Pinterest that I might just have more time to do. I will still be using the Internet but it will be my choice what I want to read, what I want to see & what I want to know about. I want to take back control of the things that come into my life. Is it really such a bad thing to live in the real world instead of the virtual world of strangers? 

Have you, could you, would you go Facebook Free?

Are you going to join me in Facebook Free February? Come on, what have you got to lose? I think I am going to gain a few extra hours every day! 

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Things I tell myself to make it through the day

Today I am going to repeat this to myself to make it through the day. I really need to learn to not react to things that just waste my time. As it comes to the end of school holidays, I sometimes find my tolerance for bullshit lessens. Next Wednesday, when the teenagers go back to school, I think I might find a quiet beach, a book & just breathe in the salt air. 

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

DIY home command center

This is the last full week of school holidays! Woohoo! While I have absolutely loved spending almost 2 months with my eldest teenager & almost 6 weeks with the youngest teenager, I am excited to be able to think of my house clean for a whole entire day!! In an effort to get this family more organised, I decided that we needed an area to be set aside solely for the purpose of each week running smoothly. So I set off to do this the cheapest way possible. 

I found all of this stuff for under $50. I shopped at K-mart & my local discount shop. The wall on the outside of our fridge is perfect for this. And because the teenagers have to walk past it to get to the fridge when they get home from school, I am hoping they will use it. 

So we will start at the bottom.

It's a little funky, a little bright, a little colourful & hopefully highly functional!!

Do you have a home comman center? I wish I had made one from day one of my girls schooling lives. But, better late than never!! 

Next job, organising tha bookshelf by the front door!