Friday, 16 September 2011

Festive Friday #1

Due to popular demand (giggle!) I will now be doing Festive Friday blogs on handmade Christmas gifts, ornaments, decorations, clothes, etc.

Now, did you know that there is only 99 days till Christmas?
(thank you to my friend Tasha for reminding everyone daily!)

Christmas would have to be my favourite time of year!
I go a little overboard with decorating & even find it hard to let the kids help because everything has to be perfect.
Sometime I even let them decorate the tree then when they are at school, I redecorate.
It is the obsessive compulsive side of me.

I love the happiness that is Christmas.
Everyone is happy, everyone gets to give & receive gifts, & everyone gets to relax & spend time with family.
What could be better than that!

So, to kick off Festive Friday, I have made this…..


It is a present/Santa sack.
These are very easy to make.
You can make your own or decorate a pillowslip.
I used some of the leftover ,material from Georgia's chair


In Australia ( where I am lucky enough to live!) it is the middle of summer when we celebrate Christmas.
The traditional winter colours of red & green are not really the colours that match our season.
It is a little strange to be going through a heatwave & decorating with snowflakes & snowmen!
You could use traditional Christmas fabrics or colours for this Santa sack but we use the colours of blue, purple, pink, aqua & silver for our Christmas colours in my house, so this suits perfectly.

So here is how I went about it……


I folded the material in half & drew a Christmas tree on to half of it.
I did it like this so when you cut the tree, you end up with a tree that is exactly the same on each side.


I then cut 2 pieces of white cotton material that is about an inch wider than a standard pillow slip & about 3 inches taller than a standard pillow slip.

I made sure that the tree was big enough to “fill” the Santa sack.
If you make the tree too small then it will not be the main stand out feature, if you get what I mean.

As I said earlier, you don’t have to make the sack but you can use a pillow slip.


Pin the tree to one piece of the white material.
Make sure you use plenty of pins!
You can use Visofix as a bonding between the tree & the white material but as this is not going to be laundered on a regular basis & only used once a year, I didn’t use it in this project.


Using your straight stitch on the sewing machine or use hand stitching to stitch around the edge of the tree.
I love how the photo above picks up the sflecks of silver that are through this fabric.



Using some strips of the tree fabric, I made 2 ties to use to tie the Santa sack at the top.
You could use ribbon, rope or anything like that.


Pin the ties about 3 inches from the top of the sack & place the other white cotton back of the sack on top of the tree piece (right sides together)
Pin around 3 side leaving the top of the sack open.
Sew around the 3 sides


Turn it in the right way & overlock or zig zig across the top of the bag so it does not fray.


And there you have it!
One very funky Santa Sack!

I hope you continue to come back every Friday (well, everyday would be nice!) to see what I have made for Festive Friday!

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  1. I'm going to make this :) I googled Santa sack and someone else had linked to your page :))) sorry I can't find who it was now.


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