Monday, 25 November 2013

The Christmas Trees is up! {beach house Christmas}

This weekend turned out to be nothing that we had planned but it was exactly what we needed. After Georgia's baseball game (they won 10-9!), we celebrated by putting up the Christmas tree! I know, I know, it's early. But I just couldn't wait any longer!! And when it was up, I fell in love with it all over again!     IMG_7104 (533x800)       Last year I decided that I was boycotting a winter themed Christmas. Because seriously, we live in Australia! It is not winter!! Christmas here is at the hottest time of the year. The only thing cold is the drinks out of the fridge! So we decided, (ok, maybe i decided), that it would be beach themed Christmas decorations for us. It was so nice to pull out all of the shells, starfish & and other beach themed ornaments.    Painted white starfish.  IMG_7109 (800x533)

Glass baubles filled with more starfish.

IMG_7115 (800x533)

Hand made denim hearts next to more white starfish!

IMG_7123 (800x533)
     To me, this is what Christmas is all about! The colours of blue, white & silver are all of my favourite colours. I still have to make some new coastal bunting to hang in the window behind the tree. A long time ago, I decided to never have tinsel again as it drives me insane when I find little bits of it everywhere. So we have a silver tree instead.     Sand in glass bottles.  IMG_7070 (533x800)      That way there is no need to put tinsel on the tree. The silver on the tree also makes the lights stand out even more of a night time. A beach themed Christmas tree would not be complete without a giant starfish on top!       IMG_7093 (533x800)      If you would like to make your own beach style Christmas ornaments, here is a link to the tutorials for the ornaments that I have hanging on my tree!     Beach style Christmas. Part one. Starfish Beach Style Christmas. Part 2. Sand in glass jars Beach Style Christmas. Part 3. Denim hearts Beach Style Christmas. Part 4. Clay stars Beach Style Christmas. Part 5. The tree Beach Style Christmas. Part 6. Christmas card holder Beach Style Christmas. Part 7. The table     So tell me, do you have a themed tree or do you fill it with a collection of mixed treasures?



  1. I so wanted a themed tree when we got a first one. Then we started getting all sorts of lovely ornaments from friends and family and students, so we've ended up with a hodge podge. Still not sure what we'll do this year though - C is just way too curious!

  2. We don't even own a tree at the moment, but we were discussing buying one and trying to work out how to decorate it with glow sticks.


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