Friday, 15 November 2013

Watermelon Ice blocks. Fresh is best Friday. {recipe}

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Hello Friday! I get really excited to know that Friday has arrived because it is the day when I get to share some of the yummy fresh, healthy food that I have been making & eating. Fresh is Best Friday has been a regular feature on the blog for a couple of weeks now. I know that so many of you are also trying to make healthy choices when it come to eating food. So why not make it fun too! Ice blocks are always fun to eat. They remind me of when my girls were really little & I used to make them fresh fruit ice blocks all the time. They loved them then & they still love them now. My favourite fruit ice block has to be watermelon.

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Nothing beats the taste of sweet watermelon. Sometimes when you buy a whole watermelon, it may be a little over ripe & not be as crisp & crunchy. This is the perfect way to use it all up. That extra sweet taste is perfect for an ice block.

Just chop up your watermelon & place it in a food processor & blitz it until it is all smooth & juicy.
If you are using seedless watermelon, it is ok to leave those small white pips in. If you have a seeded watermelon, make sure to remove all of the seeds.

IMG_6794 (533x800)IMG_6798 (533x800)

It takes about 10 seconds on high in the Kambrook power drive direct food processor

Pour the watermelon juice into ice block moulds.

IMG_6879 (800x533)

I use these awesome ice block moulds & holders that I found at Kmart for only $2 a set!

IMG_6881 (800x533)

Place them in the freezer for several hours or over night.

Then you have fresh watermelon ice blocks on hand for treats or even breakfast (like I did today!)

IMG_6926 (800x533)

They are just so good! Perfect for after school, after exercise, morning tea….ok, they are perfect for anytime!

 *this is not a sponsored post. Kambrook gave me a food processor to try out & play with. I was not paid for this post. All opinions are my own. *

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